What Happened

Sterling and Asa, July 4th
When we were in Colorado this summer, my daughter, Sterling, fell off a bed in the night.  Her aunt was there with her, and told me about it in the morning.  When Sterling woke up, I was talking to her about it, and I noticed that one of her pupils was much larger than the other.  I asked her to look into the light, and saw that the pupil did not constrict when she looked into the light.
We took her to a doctor who felt she seemed OK, but he ordered a CAT scan- just to make sure.  The CAT scan was read as negative, and she was sent home with a supposed concussion.
Two days later, I noticed that the eye with the dialated pupil was no longer at midline.  The eye was looking down, and rested at the outer edge.  I called the doctor.  He had a neuroradiologist revisit the CAT scan.  At this point, they said there was some blood in her brain.  We went then to the hospital to have an MRI.
It was at this point that Sterling was given a diagnosis of a cavernous malformation.  This is essentially a congenital (sometimes genetic) condition where a blood vessel is malformed.  The walls are too thin, and it can "ooze" blood.  That blood had put pressure on her optical nerve, which created a palsey in her eyes.
Sterling and Asa, 7/16
She was taken on Flight for Life to Denver Children's Hospital where she was admitted into the pediatric intensive care unit.  We were there for a week.